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An Introduction to
the Flowering Plants of Stanley Park

Bunchberry, Cornus canadensis

Who does not appreciate the beauty and wonder of wildflowers?
An aquaintance with wildflowers is one of the great gifts of the world. The more one looks, the more there is to know.

Over 120 species of flowering plants have been recorded in Stanley Park. The total does not include horticultural plants tended in the Park's culivated areas but includes introduced [non-native] species that have escaped or been introduced to the wild.

The wildflower checklist and datasheet collection is not complete but includes almost all of the more familiar species.

Get Aquainted with Wildflowers
Even now, after 20+ years of looking at wildflowers I still find myself overwhelmed by their diversity. It is easy to be confused by their complexity and variety. One you start looking, you'll find look-alike or sibling species, races, varieites, individual variations and mutations.
The challenges faced by the experienced naturalist or botanist in identifying a plant are not the same as those of the casual observer. The site introduces but does not cover the fascinating and intricate taxonomy of plants. This information is left to the more complete field guides and botanical texts.
The information presented here is meant to act as a guide and serve as a user-friendly introduction to the flowering plants.
I hope the material will help you on your way and start you on the path to "seeing".
The menus on the left of the screen are a starting point. They reflect a debt of gratitude. First to Plants of BC by Chess Lyons published in 196x. This wonderful field guide opened up a whole new world and made the introduction to BC plants relatively painless thanks to the elegant organization of its information. Grouping plants by flower colour got me started and kept me going on a life-long expedition.


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