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Mammal Families in Stanley Park

 Order Artiodactyla - Even-toed ungulates
Deer Cervidae

 Order Carnivora - Meat-eating mammals
Dogs and Relatives Canidae
Dogs and Relatives

Skunks Mephitidae

Weasels, Otters and Relatives Mustelidae
Weasels, Otters and Relatives

Sea Lions, Eared and Fur Seals Otariidae
Sea Lions, Eared and Fur Seals

True Seals Phocidae
True Seals

Raccoons and Relatives Procyonidae
Raccoons and Relatives

Cats Felidae

 Order Chiroptera - Bats

 Order Insectivora - Small, insect-eating mammals
Shrews Soricidae

Moles Talpidae

 Order Lagomorpha - Hare-like mammals
Rabbits and Hares Leporidae
Rabbits and Hares

 Order Primates - Mammals with 5 fingers
Humans and Great Apes Homonidae
Humans and Great Apes

 Order Rodentia - Gnawing mammals with chisel-lkie incisors
Old World Mice, Rats, and Relatives Muridae
Old World Mice, Rats, and Relatives

Beavers Castoridae

Squirrels and Relatives Sciuridae
Squirrels and Relatives


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