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An Introduction to the Dragonflies of Stanley Park
If you don't take the time to seek them out then you'are likely to miss one of summer's most dazzling and amazing group of animals - the dragonflies, members of the order odonata.

Cardinal Meadowhawk Male
A cardinal meadowhawk ( Ischneura cervula ) male leaves its perch to "hawk" small flying insects

Biofiltration marsh settling pond
Vegetation growing around the edge of the pond provides habitat suitable for several species of dragonflies

How Can You Find Them?
Choose a hot, bright, sunny, summer's day and find a weedy, well vegetated area close to lake, pond, or wetland. When you've done this, you'll have found one of the preferred habitats of the adult (winged) dragonflies and the likely nursery area for young dragonfly nymphs.

Two of my favourite dragonfly
watching areas in Stanley Park are:
Lost Lagoon's biofiltration marsh and
Beaver Lake's observation platforms

Set a Good Example
Be a Responsible Observer:

Please stay on the developed trails and within designated viewing areas at all times
Be especially careful not to pick or disturb shoreline vegetation as it provides dragonflies with critical perch sites, shelter, and breeding areas.

Keep in mind that life for dragonflies in Stanley Park is not easy.
Suitable habitat is limited, populations for most species are small, and predation pressure is high.

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Species at Risk
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