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Butterflies and Moths of Stanley Park

[Note: family names end in the sufix idae ]

Footman and Tiger Moths Arctiidae
Footman and Tiger Moths

Milkweed Butterflies Danaidae
Milkweed Butterflies

Skippers Hesperiidae

Tent Caterpillar Moths Lasiocampidae
Tent Caterpillar Moths

Coppers, Blues, Hairstreaks, and Elfins Lycaenidae
Coppers, Blues, Hairstreaks, and Elfins

Tussock Moths Lymantriidae
Tussock Moths

Brush-footed Butterflies Nymphalidae
Brush-footed Butterflies

Swallowtails and Parnasians Papilionidae
Swallowtails and Parnasians

Whites Pieridae

Plume Moths Pterophoridae
Plume Moths


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