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Sea Cliffs
Natural communities of plant and animal life shaped by geology,
steep slopes, thin soils and extremes of temperature resulting
from direct exposure to sun, wind and rain.

Stanley Park's sea cliff ecosystems A sandstone cliff runs from the Siwash Rock area beyond the right edge of the frame eastward towards First Narrows. To the left of center is a nearly vertical rock face of sandstone covered by a triangular section of thick,turf,garden. Photographed June 16, 2001

Stanley Park Map - Sea Cliff Ecosystems
The sketch map shows the extent of sea cliffs along
the Stanley Park foreshore that have a slope exceeding
forty-five degrees and a height greater than ten meters.

The cliff face presents large expanses of glacial carved
and wave eroded sandstones with outcrops of darker
volcanic rocks at Siwash Rock and Prospect Point.
Sea cliff flowering plants Sea Cliff Flowers
Photographed 05/29/08

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