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Lake Ecosystems

Key Features:   A permanent body of water contained in a basin with depths over 3 meters


In Stanley Park
Stanley Park's lake ecosystems

Lost Lagoon is the largest body of freshwater in Stanley Park. It barely qualifies under the definition (above) by reaching a maximum depth of 3.35 meters ( 11 feet).

Lost Lagoon is an example of a constructed ecosystem. It was created with the completion of the Stanley Park Causeway in the late 1920's. The causeway 'permanently' cut Coal Basin ( a shallow tidal basin or lagoon ) off from Coal Harbour and turned it into - take your pick - an automobile race track, sports fields, the site of Vancouver's city hall, a hotel, a museum, a shallow lake. At the time, the question of what to do with the 'land' generated plenty of suggestions. Perhaps it was Pauline Johnson's poem that, not only kept the memory of her cherished lagoon alive, but gave us the lake, or rather, the Lost Lagoon we know today; with reminders of its rowboats ( up to the 1950's ? ), living swans and fountain.

Lost Lagoon keeps other secrets, retains memories of times that go back to the 'beginnings' and the first human habitation of this coast. Broken marine shells and culturally modified trees speak of a time, not so long ago, when another culture flourished here. Opportunity for Action:
Lost Lagoon presents opportunities for coordinated student research in a number of subject areas. Facilitation, documentation, and presentation of student research is an important goal of
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The Lake Community
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