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Acciptridae Family  
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Family Description
Daytime diurnal birds of prey.
Small to large birds with short, rounded wings and long tail.
The curved beak with its sharply hooked upper mandible is used primarily in feeding
Hawks capture and kill their prey using their strong legs and sharp talons.
Females larger than males.

In Stanley Park
Accipiter cooperii Accipiter cooperii
Hawk, Cooper's

Accipiter striatus Accipiter striatus
Hawk, Sharp-shinned

Aquila chrysaetos Aquila chrysaetos
Eagle, Golden

Buteo jamaicensis Buteo jamaicensis
Hawk, Red-tailed

Haliaeetus leucocephalus Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Eagle, Bald

Pandion haliaetus Pandion haliaetus

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